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[ Filtered to Kakeru | Easy to hack ]

last night i found something really amazing!!! anyway i went and wrote an entire ad that kind of thing originated in me so well find the blue ranger now!!!

[ End filter ]


do you like JUSTICE?? how about the color BLUE???

if you said YES!!!! to either of those questions you should become the blue ranger

PREREQUISITES: must be good looking and fashionable while performing extremely difficult taekwondo maneuvers, must not belong to japan ヽ(●`Д´● )೨, must like blue.

white ranger, black ranger, and red ranger want YOU for BLUE!! ★

[ OOC | Basically Korea was crying because of Hong Kong and saw a recruitment ad while drying his tears on some paper. He pretty much copied it and this is the result. Also, replies in regular font are audio, replies in this font are text. ]

Tags: !ic, :game: discedo, :type: journal, colors of his flag, colors of the rainbow, japan not allowed, psa, sentai rangers unite, shameless cr pimping, somebody shoot ria, we want you for blue, wtf is this wtfery, yuki can come too
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