Korea ★ 임용수 ☆ Im Yong Soo (mansae) wrote,
Korea ★ 임용수 ☆ Im Yong Soo

019 | Accidental Audio | Public

[ The feed clicks on to some worried Korean rambling. The first five minutes are completely in Korean before he screams out "no way!" in Japanese. When he's resorting to Japanese, it's definitely no good. ]

I-It's no good! It's not good at all! In fact, it's a bad omen!

Maybe I could do an exorcism... Yeah, yeah! Those came from Korea -- I could do it!

[ . . . ]

No good! This really is all Japan's fault...!

[ Filtered to Hong Kong | Hard to hack ]

Hong Kooooong! Look at this! Nicknames originated in Korea so I made you one!

[ The "nickname" flashes on screen while he's talking: ]


From now on, that's what I'm going to call you! You have to pay me royalties if you're going to use it as a stage name. By the way, you have to call me Super☆Bro!

[ End filter ]

Tags: !ic, :game: discedo, :type: journal, Deadpan☆Flower, blame japan, gonna do an exorcism, had a bad dream, korea's fortune is always bad, korea's technology derped, ria does important things, super cool korean nicknames
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