Korea ★ 임용수 ☆ Im Yong Soo (mansae) wrote,
Korea ★ 임용수 ☆ Im Yong Soo

016 | Video | Public

It's about to happen, right? It should be happening back home right now! Listen, listen: it's lunar new year! That means fireworks! And food! And--!

[ A sudden pause. He speaks softly next, pretty disappointed: ]

We don't have any of that stuff...

How about we make it feel a little bit like new year? I think I can do that!

[ He rummages around, finally showing a small snowball dumpling. ]

Here, Hong Kong! I made this for you! By the way, I'm taking Highcliff. Eat up!

Tags: !ic, :game: discedo, :type: journal, after the warm up, america's bonfire lol, hello again marshall, highcliff belongs to korea, it's not quite new year, neeeeeeew yeeeaaaar, running low on juice, snowball dumplings onom, takin' things that aren't his
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