Korea ★ 임용수 ☆ Im Yong Soo (mansae) wrote,
Korea ★ 임용수 ☆ Im Yong Soo

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The kimchi is all gone...

You know, me and Hong Kong are moving. Give us food for house warming gifts! We'll take dogs as well!

Do you know what I reeeaaally want right now? Pepero! About that, Pepero is the best biscuit stick in the world! Peperoooo!!

[ Filtered to Hong Kong | Easy to hack ]

Let's bury your iPhone.

[ End Filter | Public edit ]

About the house warming gifts -- a cat is fine, too!

Tags: !ic, :type: journal, a cat is fine too, but why is the kimchi gone?, death to iphone, give us stuff, me and hong kong, moving again yeahhhh, onomnom dogs, pepero cravings strike again, so like he's sick of moving
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