Korea ★ 임용수 ☆ Im Yong Soo (mansae) wrote,
Korea ★ 임용수 ☆ Im Yong Soo

014 | Video | Public

[ The monitor is a black and slowly blurs into view. It's zoomed in on Korea's curl, which looks rather excited. It's wiggling erratically, a reflection of Korea's face when he move the monitor's gaze. ]

Listen, listen! It came from--

Wait up, it's not like that! I found--

[ He looks like he's about to cry. ]

This is amaaazing!

Tags: !ic, :game: discedo, :type: journal, big boys cry, can't finish a sentence, debut of the curl, he feelz so loevd, i have something like this back home, it's alive, it's raining kimchi, korea's most emotional moment ever, must have been big bro
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